Name: Ahn Hyejin
Nickname:Hwasa / Hihihi Unni / Wasaaa
Band/Solo:Ahn Hyejin, MamaMoo
Journal: https://littlekoala.dreamwidth.org/
Twitter: @hwasaiyan Age:21
Fraternity/Sorority/Dorms/Off-campus housing:KD (Kappa Delta)
Major:Business and Finance
Clubs/Sports:Wrestling, Swimming
Born in a poor family with three younger siblings, Ahn Hyejin was taught the importance of money at a young age. To make ends meet Hyejin helped along in the household very early in her life. Being the oldest she would help her parents in the best way she could. What the family Ahn did not have in money, they would show it in love. Although both parents worked full-time jobs, the rare free days were little moments of laughter and hakuna matata. Obviously once Hyejin was old enough to work in order to save up for the University piggybank.

Of course it wasn’t easy to be a responsible teenager. Hormones, mood swings and a lot of stress would make any young adult roll in madness. Hyejin was no different. Working part time, looking out for her siblings and parents while trying to keep your grades up. Too much. She took her frustration out to everyone, at work, to her family and friends. Near the breaking point and ready to flee home, a friend came to her rescue. Taking her out to the park they wrestled till the point that sweat and tears were one mixed liquid. He learned her locks and techniques as she learned to use the sport as an outlet for her emotions. She came back with bruises and muscle aches but somehow the world seemed clearer.

Sports solved a lot but it didn’t solve everything. She was still a workaholic, easily working herself to death. Her friends still complained about her being a cheapskate and she would never, ever go out. It was a waste of money after all. And before you know it you finish high school and enter Yonsei University. Naturally Hyejin took a business major, determined to get a high paid job to support herself and her family. Freshman year was horrible, more homework, more worries about her family because of the darn dorm rule. Even as a Sophomore she wasn’t happy to stay away from her family but she accepted it. Whatever would happen in her new year, she was sure she could take it. So bring it.